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Mentorship Monday Chats



Every Monday, TBA Members chat with Mentors that are thriving with blindness and low-vision. Each session starts with some coaching/guiding through principles of success, and then we share successes and challenges. Some folks ask questions, some just listen in. All leave the sessions empowered and connected to others like themselves. Click the video below to get a sneak peak of the mentorship calls!

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Does Mentorship Work?

When Clarke Reynolds came to TBA, he dreamed of being a successful artist - but people in his home country of the United Kingdom told him it was impossible. Clarke participated in the Thriving Blind in Business Pilot Program and he participated in over 80% of the weekly TBA live mentorship calls.


 •In 2022, Clarke had dozens of art show events on 2 continents

 •He launched the Art in Sight podcast 

 •Received the Queen’s Medal Honor in the United Kingdom

 •Secured first solo exhibition in London for January 2023


Direct Impact of Thriving Blind Academy

"Thank you for the college success program! My son got great information. He is already using the tips about building a social life on campus and is meeting tons of people!“ Parent of a blind college freshman

“I now feel empowered to start educating this school system and the community that blindness is not a death sentence, a game ender or a sad, depressing existence. What you are doing is SO important." Thriving Blind Academy Member

“I am finally living the life of my dreams! I believed it was possible but everyone around me said no. The TBA business program gave me the confidence and strategies to make it happen!” Thriving Blind in Business Pilot Program Participant

“TBA takes something that is scary for some, perhaps many, and creates a safe space where people can come and talk and learn and share, and where the energy stays positive and practical." Ron Brooks, TBA Mentor, Owner, Accessible Avenue

“Wow! It’s about time a parent lays out the fundamentals to a successful life for their blind children.”

Erik Weihenmayer, Blind Adventurer, Author, Film Maker, and Speaker

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