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Thriving Blind: Stories Of Real People Succeeding Without Sight

#1 New Release & Top 5 Best Seller!

This book will transform your idea of what is possible for people who encounter a devastating life event and will catapult your motivation to set extraordinary expectations for your own life.

Reality TV star, YouTube sensation, Teacher of Year.

Have you ever dreamed of having one of these titles next to your name?

Maybe you dream of climbing Mt. Everest or becoming a successful CEO of a national organization. Now, would you consider any of this if you were… blind?

Kristin Smedley’s two sons were diagnosed as blind when they were each just four months old. Having no experience with blindness, Kristin expected a life of challenge for her boys. However, eventually she met a few people that would change her perception of what is possible for those navigating the world without sight. She decided to set extraordinary expectations for her sons, equipping them with tools and resources to navigate their world. Soon, tears became cheers as Kristin celebrated her boys’ successes in school, baseball championships and theater productions. Recently, Kristin delivered her oldest blind son to college a thousand miles away from home. Kristin’s boys, like the people in this book, aren’t just surviving blindness, they’re thriving.

While the stories in Thriving Blind demonstrate how blind people used creativity and determination to live the life of their dreams, the lessons they convey about facing fears and crashing through society’s barriers are transformative for all who experience struggles.