young blind person in city on steps

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young blind person in city on steps

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Thriving Begins With


Thriving begins with YOU - collage of successful blind people

Let's Connect and Succeed Together

A personal message from Kristin Smedley and Charlie Collins

    Imagine being part of a community of families, individuals and professionals who are committed to seeing you thrive, while supporting one another and changing how the world sees blindness.

If the message and vibe of the Thriving Blind community resonates with you, and you’re looking for like-minded people who share your desire to thrive, and mentors to guide you along the way, we invite you to join The Thriving Blind Academy.

This is a private, global COMMUNITY committed to helping you build a thriving mindset and connect with tools and resources to succeed in school, business and life without sight.

Here you will be inspired and empowered to live an inspired and empowered life. Thriving starts with you. Get started now.


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    Do Any Of These Describe You?

  • I am a parent or caregiver that just heard the words, “Your child is blind” and I am feeling overwhelmed/scared/unsure of what to do next.

  • I am a parent or caregiver of a blind/visually impaired child that is in need of real strategies to guide my child in the areas of school, social life, activities, independence and technology.

  • I just found out I am going blind and I have no idea how to succeed without sight.

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  • I am scared