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The Thriving Blind Academy High School Transition Program is a groundbreaking initiative tailored for blind or low vision high school students, placing them firmly in the driver's seat of their own destinies. By instilling success principles and connecting students with mentors and resources, this program empowers them to navigate the transition to college or the workforce with confidence and determination.

Envisioning Excellence Beyond Regulations:

The Inclusive Advantage in Clinical Research

October 26, 2023

12:00 p.m.- 1:30 p.m. EDT


  • Foster a Sense of Responsibility: Encourage students to take control of their own destinies, instilling the belief that their future success is within their own hands.

  • The competitive advantages of hiring people who are blind for your clinical research team.

  • Ways in which including people who are blind in clinical trials boosts participant engagement and retention.

  • How designing digital assets and communication with blind users in mind improves the materials for all users.

  • Insights and information about unique skills and advantages of people who are blind or low vision.

  • Steps to take before recruiting participants/team members who are blind.

  • Where to find participants/team members who are blind.

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The Impact of This Innovative Information...

Kristin’s participation in ACRP’s 2023 diversity, equity, and inclusion panel fundamentally shifted and expanded the discussion to be more inclusive than in years past. Her contribution to the panel discussion opened the minds and hearts of our members and conference attendees. She helped to raise awareness for the critical topic of accessibility and was able to make a direct connection between her advocacy for disabilities and our industry’s opportunity—and need—to be more inclusive.


Susan Landis, Executive Director, Association for Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP)

Thank you so much for the presentation today. It was very eye opening and I had so many key takeaways from this session.

Jess Thompson, Founder, Association of Clinical Research Program Managers (ACRPM)

Meet the Workshop Leaders

Our diverse lineup of workshop speakers, including those who are blind, low vision, and sighted, delivers an unforgettable message that marries practicality with empowerment. Join us to glean insights from these transformative voices, and emerge equipped to champion inclusivity and accessibility in your field.

    Kristin Smedley headsh

    Kristin Smedley

    Co-Founder, Thriving Blind Academy

    CEO, Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation

    Kristin Smedley is a renowned figure in the world of clinical research, with over a decade of experience in ophthalmology. Kristin is an award winning patient organization leader and testified at the FDA for the first-ever gene therapy to treat an inherited disease. She serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Association for Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP).

    Kristin's unique perspective on diversity and inclusion within the realm of clinical research make her an in demand speaker/consultant for organizations and teams. Kristin's transformative approach will inspire and equip workshop attendees with the tools they need for a more inclusive and successful future in clinical research and clinical trials.

    Charlie COllins headsh

    Charlie Collins

    Co-Founder, Thriving Blind Academy

    Certified Success Principles Trainer

    Charlie Collins is a dynamic force in the world of success coaching and business leadership, with a unique perspective as a legally blind certified Success Principles trainer and a thriving business owner. With a keen focus on empowering professionals to unlock their fullest potential, Charlie's expertise has transformed countless lives.

    As a featured speaker in our upcoming workshop, Charlie will share invaluable insights on the competitive edge that clinical research and teams gain when including individuals who are blind. He will unveil the number one success principle that lays the foundation for transforming mindsets and achieving remarkable outcomes in the field.

    Eric Hartman Headshot

    H. Eric Hartman

    Speaker/Travel Accessibility Consultant, Thriving Blind Academy

    Director of Advocacy, Choroideremia Research Foundation

    Eric Hartman is the Director of Advocacy for the Choroideremia Research Foundation, a role in which he passionately advocates for research and support for individuals with choroideremia. Recently, Eric shared his insights and expertise as a speaker at the International Society for Genetic Eye Diseases and Retinoblastoma, highlighting the competitive edge of blindness. Additionally, he serves as a travel accessibility consultant and speaker at the Thriving Blind Academy, where he empowers individuals to overcome challenges and thrive in a world of possibilities.

    Suzette may Headsh

    Suzette May

    Speaker/Accessibility Consultant, Thriving Blind Academy

    Suzette May is a passionate advocate and workshop speaker dedicated to making trials and workplaces accessible for the blind. As an entrepreneur and student at Arizona State University, she's pursuing undergraduate studies in Disability Studies and a graduate degree in Nonprofit Leadership and Management. Legally blind herself, Suzette is a Seeing Eye dog user and advocates for disability and pedestrian accessibility, braille literacy, and early vision screening. Suzette is set to equip participants with the tools and knowledge they need to create accessible and inclusive environments for people who are blind. She will transform attendees to be inspired and well-prepared to champion accessibility in their respective workplaces and trials.

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    All proceeds of this workshop benefit Thriving Blind Academy to fund programs for families and individuals impacted by blindness to thrive in school, work and life.

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