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kristin smedley holding her book Thriving Blind

Want a Jump Start on guiding your child to THRIVE??

As you prepare for our upcoming Thriving Blind Academy program, we encourage you to get a head start on gaining a unique perspective on the advantages of a THRIVER mindset. Order the book "Thriving Blind: Stories of Real People Succeeding Without Sight" by Kristin Smedley today.

This collection of real-life stories showcases the achievements, unique skills, and enlightening perspectives of individuals who have triumphed over challenges without sight. Their experiences will not only enlighten you but also deepen your understanding of the power of inclusivity.

Get the Book!

What are people saying about "Thriving Blind"?

"From the beginning of the book the author opened her heart to the reader honestly portraying her struggles with how to to help her blind sons. She looked to successful people who just happened to be blind in order to learn how to raise her sons. Each person's story is amazing and uplifting. I was unable to put the book down. This book is truly an inspiration to everyone."

Susan, Amazon 5 star Review

"Ms. Smedley created a phenomenal book capturing stories of folks who are Thriving Blind! As a mom to an adult visually impaired young woman, this book and the author's story have inspired me to show my daughter how she, too, can thrive blind!"

LMW, Amazon 5 Star Review

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